8 Ideas To Steal From Luxury Hotel Lounges

We all love a bit of luxury at the end of a busy day.  Use these easy ideas to replicate the feel of a boutique hotel lounge in you very own front room.

Fabric walls

Swap wallpaper for gorgeous printed silk.  Available in an array of colours and patterns, a fabric wall will soften your acoustics and add texture to your walls.

Glamorous Chairs

Your furniture will quite possibly be the feature (or at least the biggest) item in your design scheme so it is worth getting it right.  Hotels often opt for comfortable, plush fabrics and deep buttoned designs.  Velvet is a firm favourite amongst designers for it’s luxury appeal and its durability.

Use a Large Footstool as a Table

Similarly, using a Large Deep Buttoned Footstool in your scheme will give you a central focal point, and a convenient place to rest your feet alongside coffee table books and whatever else you fancy.

Opt for a clever one that offers extra storage in order to keep clutter to a minimum in your new lounge.

At The Footstool Workshop, we offer storage footstools in a range of sizes and over 100 fabrics (or even your own!). 

48 ins x 48 ins Deep Buttoned Medium Depth Storage Footstool in Faux Wool Mustard with 6 ins Concave Oiled Oak Legs.

Use Dark paint

Embrace cosy evenings in by incorporating a dark coloured paint.  It will look particularly glorious and take on its full personality during the evenings together with …

Mood lighting

Dim the lights, ensure any artwork you hang has it’s own light source.  Do away with using your large central ceiling pendant light if you can and opt for lamps and wall sconces instead.

Add a Velvety Rug

Nothing says luxury like a deep piled carpet but if this is out of your budget, adding a velvety rug can mimic the effect.  Avoid placing such a rug in a high traffic area though, as the pile may suffer over time.

Mix old and new

Combine an eclectic mix of ancient and modern nic-nacs for a versatile and interesting room.  Incorporate metallics if you can to catch the glow from your new mood lighting (above).

Superior finishes

Try to achieve the best level of finish that you can comfortably afford.  The level of luxury you can expect is usually directly linked to how well something is made or finished. 

For example, make sure your paint lines are crisp and sharp on any DIY that you do.  If you buy furniture, be assured that the difference on price is certainly reflective of a difference in quality, whether that be the quality of the materials used or the workmanship itself.

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