Do I need Fabric Protector for my footstool?

A footstool is a well used piece of furniture, loved by many and is subject to a variety of uses.

Keeping your footstool looking good will be on your mind, and will undoubtedly be a consideration when  choosing a fabric.

What fabrics are suitable for a footstool?  We go into lots more detail about the types of footstool fabrics available from us in another helpful article.  Once you’ve chosen your fabric, we offer Fabric Protection as an optional add-on, but what does it do and how can it help?

What is Footstool Fabric Protector?

Fabric protection for your footstool is our recommended in-house treatment.  If you opt for fabric protector an odourless and colourless liquid is sprayed onto your finished footstool at our workshop.

How does Footstool Fabric Protector Work?

Fabric protection acts as an invisible barrier to resist stains and spills from penetrating the fibres of your footstool’s fabric.

It will give you time to grab a cloth and remove oil or water based stains from the fabric surface.

Does Fabric Protector Affect The Fabric?

Fabric protection does not change the look, feel, colour or smell of your new footstool.

Does Fabric Protection Work With All Footstool Fabrics?

Fabric Protector can be applied to almost all materials.

How much does Fabric Protecting My Footstool Cost?

How much fabric protector will cost is determined by the size of the footstool you are ordering.

Here are our prices for Fabric Protection on your new footstool:

Can Customers Own Material be Fabric Protected?

We can use fabric protector on almost all fabrics.  If you are sending in your own material for upholstering onto a footstool and we do not think it is suitable for fabric protection, we will let you know before we start making your footstool.

Can You Recommend A Stain Proof Fabric For My Footstool?

At The Footstool Workshop, we run over 100 different fabrics.  Some of them are pre-treated with ‘Aquaclean’ or ‘Fibreguard’.

Our Faux Suede is treated with Aquaclean technology.  Shop Free Fabric Samples.

Our Easy Care Bouclé is a fun range of textural fabrics that is treated with Fibreguard.  Shop Free Fabric Samples.

If you would like some more help in choosing a suitable fabric for your footstool, please do contact us.  Or, you might like to try our fabric finder to help refine your selection based on your requirements.

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