Hardwearing Footstool Fabrics

If you’re looking for a footstool but worried about whether your chosen fabric is up to the job of the rough and tumble of family life, may we suggest the following?

The ideal footstool fabric is both hardwearing, luxurious and pretty. And ‘rescuable’ in the event of spillages (which will undoubtedly happen!).

Here is a glance at some of our recommended fabrics for your new footstool. You can choose from over 100 different materials and select up to eight free samples to be sent to you for choosing.

Easy Care Bouclé

This is a fabulously hard wearing fabric with a fun, modern colour palette. It is treated with ‘aqua clean’ technology for easy cleaning.

Sumptuous Flat Velvet

Velvet is having a huge fashion revival in the upholstery industry. Where as in previous decades, velvet was prone to shedding and rub marks, the addition of manmade fibres have brought it’s suitability bang up to date.

Round Storage Footstool with Plain and Piped Lid in Flat Velvet Wedgwood by The Footstool Workshop.

Basket Weave

One of our most popular fabrics, Basket Weave is very durable, strong and interesting to look at. Add fabric protector to your order to ensure any water or oil based spills don’t seep into the fibres and you’re on to a winner.

There are 12 colours to choose from on our free samples page.

Real Leather

100% natural. Leather has always been a stalwart fabric for a footstool and with good reason.

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