Leg Choices For Your Footstool

We have many different legs for your footstool that you can choose from. We also have access to many more if you can’t see one you’d like (or, you can send us your own as long as they have an M8 threaded bolt) – please ask us for help in tracking down your perfect footstool leg.

Things to consider when choosing a footstool leg

  • Height – the height of leg you choose will alter the overall height of the footstool
  • Design – shape and style will add to the overall look and feel of your footstool
  • Surface – what type of surface are you placing your footstool on? Do you wish to have castors, for example?

Our Footstool Leg options are listed below.

Wooden Legs for your Footstool

Wooden legs are very popular. We offer a range of heights, styles and colours for your to choose from. Our wooden legs are made from either Beech or Oak.

40 ins x 30 ins Shallow Buttoned Top Footstool with Border In Customers Own Material, Turned Leg Oak

Castor Legs for your footstool

Castor legs have small wheels on the bottom of them, usually made from metal, so that your footstool can be moved around.

Here is our current selection of castor legs in various heights.

48 ins x 48 ins Plain Top Footstool in Customers Own Material, Plain Trim, 7 ins Castor Leg Oak.

Metal Legs for your footstool

For a more contemporary feel, you may like to select a metal leg. Our metal legs are shown below.

Here is a wonderful example of our metal leg on a Footstool we have made for a customer recently:

48 ins x 48 ins Plain Top Footstool with Border in Flat Velvet Forest Green, Plain Trim, 6 ins Metal Leg.

Feet for full depth Footstools with Storage and Ottomans

Your full depth Footstool with Storage or Ottoman will not need legs and will come with a choice of bun/low profile feet that are more suited to this style of footstool as follows:

Ottoman in ‘Dobby Jade’ with Plain Lid and Square Light Feet.
Ottoman in House Chenille Mustard with Deep Buttoned Lid and Metal Corner Foot.

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