Can’t see your fabric?

We’ve had a little fabric update.

Don’t worry! If you’ve settled on a fabric that we have sent you and you can no longer find it for selection on our website, we’re here to help.

NB. House Chenille has now been renamed Soft Weave.  We feel this is a much better description of this fantastic material and better reflects it’s feel and texture.


To be retired from service within the next month:

These are still available for selection on our products but are being phased out within the next month. If after this time you’d like your order made up in one of the fabrics listed below, please let us know by telephone or email and we will help you make your order.  Many are still available behind the scenes.  Call us on 01443 832056 or Contact Us via the website

Faux Wool Blossom Highland Check Aqua Aubergine
Faux Wool Buttermilk Highland Check Aqua Olive
Faux Wool Delft Blue Highland Check Autumn Aubergine
Faux Wool Duck Egg Highland Check Royal Aqua
Faux Wool French Grey Highland Check Royal Aubergine
Faux Wool Tangerine Highland Check Teal Autumn
Geometric Diamond Earth House Chenille Lime
Geometric Diamond Ebony House Chenille Russett
Geometric Diamond Mineral Soft Touch Leather Black
Geometric Stripe Capri Soft Touch Leather Vanilla
Geometric Stripe Earth Soft Touch Leather White
Geometric Stripe Indigo


Discontinued Fabrics:

The following fabrics have sadly been discontinued by our suppliers.  We would highly recommend contacting us and asking us to check if our supplier holds any stock in the colour that you are after. We will make a few phone calls for you and see what we can do.

If they do not have any, we can select suitable substitutions for you from our offline collection (whether it be colour or texture, or both!) and have them sent to you from our suppliers.


Basket Weave Aqua
Basket Weave Brick
Basket Weave Clay
Basket Weave Duck Egg
Basket Weave Fuchsia
Basket Weave Grey
Basket Weave Light Grey
Basket Weave Lime
Basket Weave Off White
Basket Weave Plum
Basket Weave Sky
Basket Weave Storm
House Velvet Apple


Incomplete Sample orders:

Lastly,  if you’ve received your sample order and there are some samples missing please let us know.  It is likely that the missing samples fall into one of the above categories.  We will be very pleased to organise you some alternatives.

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