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Customer’s Own Trim Options

Alongside our standard trims, we offer the ability for you to provide your own trim to add to the bottom of your footstool.  In this handy article, we will explain what you should and shouldn’t send as a trim, the trims that we can accept, how to send them to us and in what quantity.

Let’s start by defining what we mean by the term ‘trim’ and where it is applied to your footstool.


What is a footstool ‘trim’ and where does it go?


A footstool trim is applied to the base of the upholstered part of your footstool before the legs start, along the edge.  It can help to decorate and define the upholstered part of your footstool and gives lots of opportunity to be creative with piping, braids and cords.

Conversely, the ‘Trim’ should never be confused with a ‘Border’. If you have ordered a footstool with a border, the border will be piped. The border sits 3.5ins up from the bottom edge of your footstool whereas the ‘trim’ sits at the bottom most edge as described above.


What is a good example of a suitable trim to use?


There is an enormous array of trims, cords and ready made piping available from many suppliers.  Let’s take a look at what may be suitable if you are looking to supply your own for your footstool.

Braids – Braids are a flat ribbon type trim that is often textured or embroidered.  More often than not, described as ‘Jacquard Ribbon Trim’.  The size that works best on a footstool is anywhere between 33mm and 50 mm wide.  Please note, however, that a braid of this type is not suitable for a footstool with a border and is only suitable for application on a plain top or shallow buttoned footstool.

Flanged Cord – If you are looking to supply a cord for your trim then it must be ‘flanged’.  This means that it has a continuous flap of fabric joined to one side which is used to hold the cord in place.  We can not accept a cord that does not have a flange.  You should look for a flanged cord with a diameter of between 10mm and 20mm for the best effect.

Ready Made Piping – Just like the scenario for flanged cord (see above), there is a huge range of ready made pipings available from specialist stores, haberdasheries and fabric suppliers.  These also need to have the same flanged edge for insertion into the seam of your footstool where it meets the leg.


How to calculate how much trim you need to send us.


To estimate how much trim we will need, we use an easy sum.

(Width of Footstool + Length of Footstool) x 2 = Footstool circumference.

For example, on a 100cm x 150cm footstool we would need the following amount:

(100cm + 150cm) x 2 = 500cm. The Footstool’s bottom edge measures 5m (500cm).

… then we simply add another 25cm for pattern alignment, joining and a tad bit extra for good measure.  In this example, we would ask you to send 5.25m of your chosen trim in one whole length.  We can not accept trims that are in multiple pieces.


How to send us your chosen trim.


It is critical at this point that you have placed your order with us.  This will generate a unique order number for your footstool that will need to accompany any braid, cord or ready made piping that you or your supplier is sending to us.

Finally, please send your trim to our workshop at the address below, together with your order number.  We will confirm that we have received it safely soon after it arrives.

The Footstool Workshop

Unit 11 St. Davids Industrial Estate


NP12 3SW

If you would like to ask your supplier to send it to us directly, please ensure that they include your name and Footstool Workshop order number anywhere on the inside or outside of the parcel.