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Fabric Samples

We offer a beautiful range of fabrics, including Leathers, Pure Wools, Velvets, and hard wearing Weaves.
You can see them made up by clicking on the fabrics below.

Samples are sent 1st class for free, and you should receive them within 3 working days (outside UK mainland may take a bit longer!).

If you don't find what you are looking for, we also offer a Customers Own Material (COM) service on all of our footstools. We can also help you source COM; see which designer fabric houses we have accounts with here.

Can't find what you're looking for? Please give us a ring on 01291 629764 and we'll help you find that perfect fabric. Samples are limited to 8 per customer.
  • Chenille
  • Weave
  • Velvet
  • Faux Wool
  • Wool
  • Leather
  • Natural
  • Cream
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • White
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple

Soft Weave Stone

Soft Weave Latte

Soft Weave Sapphire

Soft Weave Jade

Soft Weave Pistachio

Soft Weave Scarlet

Soft Velvet Marble

Soft Velvet Bark

Soft Velvet Grey

Soft Velvet Anthracite

Soft Velvet Sky

Soft Velvet Marine

Multi-Coloured Weave Coyote

Multi-Coloured Weave Whisper

Multi-Coloured Weave Quartz

Multi-Coloured Weave Baltic

Multi-Coloured Weave Honeydew

Multi-Coloured Weave Carmine

Herringbone Weave Linen

Herringbone Weave Malt

Herringbone Weave Dove

Herringbone Weave Mint

Herringbone Weave Kiwi

Herringbone Weave Rust

Small Boucle Ivory

Small Boucle Latte

Small Boucle Dove

Large Boucle Ivory

Large Boucle Mink

Large Boucle Dove

Vintage Velvet Trench Coat

Vintage Velvet Teal

Vintage Velvet Highland Green

Vintage Velvet Olive

Vintage Velvet Ochre

Vintage Velvet Rust

Flat Velvet Jet

Flat Velvet Granite

Flat Velvet Bottle Green

Flat Velvet Cadillac

Flat Velvet Burgundy

Flat Velvet Saffron

Easycare Velvet Shimmer

Easycare Velvet Steel

Easycare Velvet Atlantic

Easycare Velvet Teal

Easycare Velvet Apple

Easycare Velvet Tangerine

Eco Bobble Linen

Eco Bobble Chrome

Eco Bobble Marine

Eco Bobble Peacock

Eco Bobble Navy

Eco Bobble Coral

Basket Weave Parchment

Basket Weave Dove

Basket Weave Sky

Basket Weave Navy

Basket Weave Peacock

Basket Weave Tuscan Terracotta

Faux Wool Oatmeal

Faux Wool Mist

Faux Wool Spa

Faux Wool Midnight

Faux Wool Chive

Faux Wool Cranberry

Moon Wool - Melton Honey

Moon Wool - Melton Silver

Moon Wool - Melton Flint

Moon Wool - Melton Pacific

Moon Wool - Melton Pomegranate

Moon Wool - Melton Bronze

Moon Wool - Balmoral Sage

Moon Wool - Balmoral Sea

Moon Wool - Balmoral Eau-de-Nil

Moon Wool - Glen Lyon Yellow

Moon Wool - Glen Lyon Grey

Moon Wool - Duisdale Glacier

Moon Wool - Glen Lyon Powder

Moon Wool - Glen Lyon Teal

Moon Wool - Glen Lyon Heather

Moon Wool - Multispot Natural

Moon Wool - Multispot Grey

Moon Wool - Multispot Blue

Ian Mankin - Ticking Stripe Sage

Ian Mankin - Ticking Stripe Dark Navy

Ian Mankin - Ticking Stripe Peony

Ian Mankin - Devon Stripe Sage

Ian Mankin - Devon Stripe Indigo

Ian Mankin - Devon Stripe Peony

Linwood - Kami Emerald

Linwood - Kami Bluestone

Linwood - Kami Lago

Linwood - Kami Indigo

Linwood - Kami Persian

Linwood - Kami Chilli

Linwood - Hopscotch Aquamarine

Linwood - Hopscotch Gooseberry Green

Linwood - Hopscotch Strawberry

Linwood - Chitgar Denim

Linwood - Chitgar Clover

Linwood - Chitgar Watermelon

Mulberry Home - Compass Stripe Indigo

Mulberry Home - Starboard Stripe Red/Indigo

Mulberry Home - Signal Stripe Indigo

Mulberry Home - Shelter Stripe Indigo/Red

Mulberry Home - Stony Stripe Rust/Blue

Mulberry Home - Westerly Stripe Indigo/Red

Antique Matt Leather Cream

Antique Matt Leather Caramel

Antique Matt Leather Walnut

Antique Matt Leather Honey

Antique Matt Leather Bridle

Antique Matt Leather Mahogany

Antique Matt Leather Dark Brown

Antique Matt Leather Storm

Antique Matt Leather Verde

Antique Matt Leather Foresta

Antique Matt Leather Oxblood

Antique Matt Leather Wine

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