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Supplying your own material for your footstool

Customers Own Material

We are happy to use your own material, if you prefer. Any of our footstools can be made using your supplied fabric at the price of the cheapest footstool in that range (plus the cost of the feet, depending on style chosen).

If you would like to use your own material, please note that all fabrics must be supplied with a Fire Retardant Certificate; this is best arranged by your fabric supplier, and they will ensure that it is accompanied by the necessary certificates. We will need proof of the fabric composition when you send your fabric to us.

A few things to consider when selecting your fabric…


If it is patterned, striped or checked, which way do you want the pattern direction to run, parallel to the short or the long edge of your footstool?

Fabric suitability

Flimsy fabrics are not suitable (ie, satin or silk); a sturdier fabric will be more successful. What is the pattern size? Will it fit on the top of your footstool and what will happen at the sides?

We do also accept customers own tapestry work etc for upholstery – please ask.

Fire Retardancy

Does anything need to be done to the fabric to make it comply? See our guide on fire retardancy below.

Fire Retardancy Compliance

Fabric that you send us should be accompanied by the relevant certificate to prove its suitability and compliance for upholstery. Some fabrics are available in an FR version, which you should opt for over a non FR treated version. But don’t worry. If you do not have a certificate, there are things we can do.

Firstly, if you fabric is composed of over 75% natural fibres (cotton, linen, viscose) then we can use an FR interliner underneath your material to make it comply. We make a charge for this service depending on the dimensions of your footstool.

If your material is under 75% natural fibres then it will need to be sent for treatment at a third party facility. We can arrange this for you, please just ask.

If the material you are sending us 100% wool, then there is no need for any of the above as wool is inherently fire retardant.

Interliner charges

If your fabric has a composition that is 75% or more natural material, it may be possible to use an interliner. See our costs below:
  • Small Footstools
  • Medium Footstools £69
  • Large Footstools £79
  • Bench Stools £69
  • Cube Stools £59
  • Storage Ottomans Sizes;19”x19”, 31”x18”, 40″x19″ £69
  • Storage Ottomans Sizes; 47×21”, 60×21”, 72”x21” £79
  • Footstools With Storage £79

How much fabric to send


Plain and patterned fabric quantities (including allowances for pattern repeats) can be found on each individual product page and will vary by style and size of footstool.

If in any doubt, please give us a call on 01443 831 981 or email, with your fabric details to hand, and we will help. We may need to know:

  • The width of the material

  • The pattern repeat (if any)

  • The manufacturer name and fabric code or name

  • The composition of the fabric


How to label your material


Before you send us your material, it is really important that we have your order on our system. This will generate you a unique reference number that we ask you to label your material with.

This will ensure that when your material reaches us, we will know to whom it belongs and which stool it is going on!

Please also include your surname and indicate the front side of your material.


Returning your unused material


If we have any of your material left over then we will return it to you with the delivery of your footstool.


Designer Fabrics

If you are looking to send us Customers Own Material (COM) from a designer fabric house but would like us to supply it for you for convenience, we can help!

Follow the link below to see just a small selection of fabric houses that we hold accounts with, including Colefax & Fowler, Fermoie, Linwood and GP & J Baker to name a few.

Once you have chosen your fabric, simply let us know and we can place the order on your behalf!